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Tutto e Niente

Tutto e Niente

Tutto e Niente was born between the streets and alleys of the historic center of Palermo with the aim of bringing art and direct interaction with the people and inhabitants of the alleys and streets, giving works that during their execution are often explained to those who find themselves passing by or who curiously asks the reason for this action, explaining the creative action and the need to act, the reason for all this is based on the situationism in which public spaces are par excellence places not places where all this happens in a full and complete way, streets, alleys, often degraded are the only belly in which all this can be completed and filled with meaning without a second aim, and the action acquires uniqueness and purity. Periodic and spontaneous actions always start from a desire and desire for Tutto e Niente and other times also from advice and wishes of people who live in the places where he goes to paint and are free and unorganized acts institutions or associations, but needs individuals that immediately turn into collectives, almost all the works are self-produced and self-financed by the artist himself who tries to create independently with what he has, often producing works that have a great need to be made and are not composed of materials very noble but of what they have managed to procure, and this too has the beauty of causality and full artistic independence. His works are a means by which to get in touch with the inhabitants of a neighborhood, discover their stories and traditions, and become an integral part of them.

Past Exhibitions

Feuerbachgasse 9, 8020 Graz

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