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Nicola Gnan

Nicola Gnan

Felix Feltrin is a visual artist with a fondness for abstract expressionism.
He was born Ricardo Feltrin, and ever since he was very young, he’s been passionate about art in every shape or form.
He loves the freedom and spirit of adventure of being creative, as well as the opportunity to share his diverse background through his work.
Felix speaker five languages fluently, and he has got Dominican and Italian roots. He was raised in Italy, and he also experiences life in other places, such as Austria, Brazil, and the United States of America. This talented artist has his own philosophy: going strong and being yourself, no matter what. He’s been embracing a different mindset throughout his entire life, but this doesn’t mean he shut people off. On the contrary, he is always keen to meet others and learn from them, especially when diving deeper into different cultures.

Felix’s open-mindedness shows into his works as well, as his style could be considered eclectic and kaleidoscopic.
Through his visual works, he shares a lot of energy with the audience, using colors and images to create a very kinetic visual style that speaks to the audience on a deeper level.
The artist is actually based in Austria, but his works are available in different countries and to add more is one of his goals.

Past Exhibitions

04/2017 Rassegna nazionale – Premio Palladio,Villa Contarini, Padova, Italy

09/2017 Maison d’Art Padova 2017 - titolo per meriti artistici, Padova, Italy

09/2017 Maison d’Art Padova 2017 - titolo per meriti artistici, Padova, Italy

09/2017 Solo Show - Maison d’Art Padova, Padova, Italy 

12/2017 Collective exhibition “BadaBing” by BNKS|CRTV + FiftyKarat, Full visual art gallery,  ArtBasel collateral event. Miami,Wynwood, USA.

12/2017 Private solo show in exclusive condo, Miami - Brickell, USA.  

12/2017 Live painting performance @NudeNight, Miami, Wynwood, USA.

2017-2018 Solo exhibition, @Divino Art gallery Studio & Wine bar owned by the artist, 4600  Wels Austria

11/2018 Studio, live performances and solo shows @DasWacholder Gin&Champagne club,  4600 Wels Austria

07/2019 Collective exhibition @Sparkasse|Bank, 4600 Wels Austria

02/2020 Group Exhibition Museo Daphne, Sanremo, Italy

03/2020 Solo exhibition @TheApartment, Palermo, Italy

03/2020 Resident artist @508 Galley, London, England

06/2020 BIAS 2020, Palazzo Donà dalle Rose,Venezia, Italy

06/2020 Collettiva all’interno della prima galleria d'arte galleggiante italiana, caicco Lycian Princess. Venezia, Italy

07/2020 Collective urban jam “Together Jam”, @Alter Schlachthof, 4600 Wels Austria

08/2020 BIAS 2020, Loggiato San Bartolomeo, Palermo, Italy

08/2020 Artist in residence “Oktolog” + collective exhibition @Alter Schlachthof, 4600 Wels Austria.

08/2020 Collective exhibition, @508Gallery, London, England.

Feuerbachgasse 9, 8020 Graz

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