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Ivan Gervasoni

Ivan Gervasoni

I was born in Segrate (Mi), on April 13, 1993. Skipping the pleasantries, it is my mother who directs me towards painting, when in a particular moment of my life, I could not find peace even on the sofa in my house, in front of the TV. I had recently finished university and started a work experience in a start-up in the ophthalmology / ophthalmology field. The continuous panic attacks, however, lead me to neglect work, to take care of this malaise full time to which I could not give an explanation ... I had never done it! Shortly thereafter I found myself in that vicious circle called "Hypochondria", for which I was constantly going back and forth from medical studies, looking for someone to tell me that the problem I had was organic and that it was not "just" a question head. Time passes and things don't improve. Gradually all areas of my life begin to suffer from the constant anxiety attacks, which sometimes turned into panic, so I decide to rely on drug treatments and start a psychotherapy process. When one day, my mom takes me with her to paint: for the first time in a long time I find a moment of peace and from that moment I can't do without it anymore. Let it be clear that it was a gradual process with the help of drugs and professionals, but painting in my case played the role of real therapy!

Since I was painting in solitude, I started inviting some friends to come and visit me in the studio and sharing some pictures of the paintings on Facebook, the rumor that I had started to paint started to turn ... Maybe it was in my blood, because my mother spent her whole life painting, starting from the Brera Academy, but for some reason I never stopped to understand, to look. I've always had the solution under my nose, but perhaps I wasn't ready to grasp it yet. The support of my family allowed me all this: starting from the fact that the first year: the income was zero and the expenses were quite substantial because I painted every day and experimented with different techniques and materials. The first requests for paintings arrive and the enthusiasm of friends and non-friends makes me start thinking that maybe I was really finding my way. I arrange the studio as best I can and I start renting the desks next to mine… a coming and going of people begins and I start inviting as many people as possible to visit the space. I was thrilled to meet other painters, photographers, art lovers and many people who had nothing to do with what I was doing. Everyone taught me something, also because my experience in the sector was zero, so through others I made sense of what I was doing. I think I have not said everything but I have dwelt enough, so I prefer to talk about what will happen in the future. Nowadays I am proud to say that I have chosen this as a profession! I just started attending the two-year specialization course in "Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies" at NABA, I am surrounded by people who love me and who appreciate what I do. Art has given me a second life!

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Feuerbachgasse 9, 8020 Graz

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