Edoardo Dionea Cicconi

Edoardo Dionea Cicconi is a Roman artist, he lives and works between Florence and Palermo. He is a member of the multifaceted artistic collective DUSKMANN, co-founded in 2015. Starting from dream-symbolist assumptions, he investigates the themes of the unconscious, transformation and the eternal through different media. Photography, audio, sculpture, stop a subjective dimension in time and become the vehicle of a universal and profound message. Through geometry, the artist starts his path of interior and spiritual research that from the unconscious aims to reach a higher and more cognitive level of the self. The element itself that encloses the various motifs, from the frame for the pictorial-photographic compositions to the perimeter and layers of the glass cases, is square in shape, and the composition is almost always developed in a circular sense. The Circle and the Square represent the two fundamental aspects of God: unity is equivalent to divine manifestation. A succession of scenes, which in an overall view returns a deliberately psychedelic and geometric composition.

Artist profile

Edoardo Dionea 

Past Exhibitions

2011 “Alchemy“, Giorgio Galotti CO2, Rome, Italy

2015 Layers, Giacomo Guidi Contemporary Art

2015 group show, Museo delle Palme, Palermo

2015 group show, Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Roma

2015 group show “Alchemy Room” with Per Barclay / Jan Van Der

Ploeg / Fund Photos in Detroit Giacomo Guidi Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy

2015 DUSKMANN “Prelude“, Giacomo Guidi Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy

2016 DUSKMANN “Prelude“, K29 institute center, Vilnius, Lithuania

2016 group show DUSKMANN “Prelude” with Sol Lewitt / Boetti / Kounellis / De Dominicis / Schifano (…) Ex Dogana, Roma

2016 BSE – Beauty, Sacrifica, Eternity, UNAVETRINA, Rome, Italy

2018 group show “Pandora’s Syndrome” – project room Daforma Gallery, Rome, Italy

2018 MONOLITH #1, Villa dell’Ombrellino, Firenze, Italy

2018 DUSKMANN “Prelude“, Chiesa della Madonna della Mazza, Palermo, Italy

2018 group show “Epiphany“, Chiesa di Sant’Andrea degli Aromatari, Palermo

2018 group show “Waking Dreams” Milan, Italy with Tadao Cern, Jonathan Vivaqua, Ignazio Mortellaro, Scerbo, Matteo Castiglioni, Graphic

Exhibition Catalogues

2016 Luca Tornio, Achille Bonito Oliva – II Paradiso Inclinato – Rome, Italy


Museo delle Palme, Palermo


2015 Andy Warhol’s Dust, with Gerald Bruneau

Feuerbachgasse 9, 8020 Graz

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